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Welcome to our Merchant registration page. Before you proceed any further, please have documentary evidence of your identity and address details ready to upload. You will be required to upload one document from each category below in order to comply with international KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) laws.

Category 1: A document showing your photograph (driver's license,)
Category 2: A document showing your address (bank statement, utility bill, solicitors letter, accountants letter, employers letter, teachers letter)

These documents must be in jpg, tif, gif, png, doc, docx or pdf format and must not exceed 2.5 megabytes each. Please ensure your browser has cookies and JavaScript enabled.

Supplying incorrect or misleading identity and address information will result in immediate suspension without warning.

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Membership Type: Standard
Once off set up Merchant Membership Cost Corporate $495 and Platinum $995. Your Membership includes a membership trading portal access and portal advertisement (s).

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Access Commercial Exchange Card Fees

Monthly marketing, promotion and stationery admin fee of $22.00 including GST.

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I authorize Access Commercial Exchange Pty Ltd to deduct a once off set up subscription fee of:

Corporate Card $495 (with interest free line of credit of $5000 subject to T & C ) or PLATINUM card $995 (with interest free line of credit of $50000 subject to T & C.) FROM:








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